Week statitics: 14-5-2017 – 20-5-2017 (deload week + meet)

Overview of my weekly statistics CardioPowerLifting versus the weekly ‘normal’ powerlifting training. Only squats, deadlifts & bench press are posted in the overview. For example: romanian deadlifts and shoulder grip bench press are not added in this overview.
green = cardiopowerlifting
blue = normal powerlifting
yellow = meet (including warming-up)

week: 14-5-2017 – 20-5-2017 (deload week + meet)

Results Powerlifting Nationals Masters 2017

What can I say. It was very awesome to lift today even though the weights are low, it felt awesome. 5 months ago it was over and now I’m standing on the platform again 😀 Since May 1987 I’m lifting Powerlifting Nationals juniors, open and masters 🙂
The last few days I did too much and my mind (brain) wasn’t fully charged today. So for a next meet I have to do what I ‘normally’ ‘did’ do for a meet…………. NOTHING………. 🙂 😀 😆

Video at the end of the blog 😉

2×8 20kg 5x70kg 5x100kg 3x130kg 2x160kg 1×180kg (belt)
Opener: 195kg (sleeves + belt)
2nd attempt: 210kg (wraps + belt) due lack of fully energy I skipped an attempt with tighter sleeves and did it straight away with knee wraps 🙂
3rd attempt: 220kg (wraps + belt)
Bench press:
2×8 20kg 8x50kg 5x70kg 2×3 90kg 1×110
Opener: 120kg
2nd attempt: 127,5kg not totally focused and I pushed too much and therefor I skipped my 3rd attempt.
3x90kg 3x120kg 3x150kg 1x180kg 1x200kg
Opener: 220kg
2nd attempt: 230kg
3rd attempt: failed 240kg I didn’t start correct and made thereby an mistake with my breathing. So I let it go.

Great support from Henk and Gerrit and very nice responses from the attendees 🙂

My 30th year Anniversary competiting on Dutch Nationals Powerlifting coming up….

This week I mentioned that the upcoming Dutch Powerlifting Nationals for Masters are a memorable meet for me personally. 5 monhts ago  I woke up after my operation. The surgeon came to my bed and asked if the pain was gone? I said: Yes. The surgeon: so the operation is successful and due complication you have to stop with your sport………
You can image that was a big punch in my face…….. The weeks after the operation were tough due I have to deal with that message. Ofcourse you can accept and give it up. Only the voice in my head was searching for alternatives. So few days before the control appointment in March I started to train with very light weight. During the control appointment the problems which occur during the operation became much more clear. I understand how it come that the surgeon advice me to stop my sport. Because too much pressure in my head can generate too much pressure on my bloodvains and this can cost again the pain I had. The conversation at the control appointment was confronting and the surgeon told me: When you can control the pressure and manage it to your core (belly/stomach) you can train. Wow that was a very nice gift 😀

After that I started step by step with my training and the first steps with CardioPowerLifting 😆 I was (am) very happy that I was able to train, although it is only with light weights. During the weeks I felt that although I was training with light weight, my maximum strenght was gaining 🙂 And 3 weeks ago I was for myself at a level that it is ok for me to compete on a platform. And this is awesome for me. A lot of things can change in 5 months and most of all: keep your eyes for on the things you want and search for alternative ways.

This week I also figure out that 30th years ago I competed on my first Dutch Powerlifting Nationals (years) and lifted each year at least in National Powerlifting Championship 🙂 So you can image that this makes the upcoming Nationals memorable to me.

In 1983 I did my first gymcompetition bench press in March 1985 I did my first full Powerlifting meet.

On my May 30th 1987 (1 month after I became 18) I competed in the -90kg class at the junior Nationals. It was my debuted on the Nationals. It was new for me and I was very enthusiastic for the meet. I trained very very hard for the meet. So hard that I was a little bit over my peak moment and I had to adjust my goals (in kilograms) I missed my opener in squat 190kg.
Although I squatted over the 200kg in the gym. 2 attempt was in and for my 3rd attempt only 5kg was added. That was also a good attempt.
Bench press went not that great. I pressed only my opener of 110kg and failed 2 times on 115kg.

Deadlift went great. We (the coach) decided to adjustment my opener with a lighter weight, because I was able to win the Nationals 😀 That was a great learning point, because on championships it is not about the kilograms you lift, it is about the ranking you get.
My opener was 180kg, followed by 195kg and my 3rd attempt was 210kg.


My goal in the nearby future is now to compete at the Worlds Masters. The Europeans are to earlier, otherwise I will be to eager to gain the weights in the coming weeks. After the Nationals Sunday, my first priority is  to control my bodyweight and go back to the -120kg class. Than I have plenty of time to train and hopefully can wear loose suits / shirt to support my lifts.

But first things first. Sunday the Nationals Powerlifting Masters 😀

Deloading 3 of 3 with ‘light’ singles

Today I had my final deload training (number 3) for my upcoming meet (Master Nationals) It felt good. Coming days physical rest 🙂 In general, I have finished my plan for the match. These week later I will add this to my blog about how it come that the upcoming meet is memorable for me 😀

Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 5x90kg 3x120kg 2×1 150kg
Deadlift 3x110kg 2x140kg 2×1 170kg
Bench press 2×8 20kg 8x50kg 5x70kg 3x90kg 2×1 105kg

30 minutes workout…

Deload training 2 of 3 …… deloading with light doubles……

Today deload training 2 of 3 for upcoming meet Sunday 🙂 This will be a memorable meet (Nationals) Yes ofcourse about my personal situation and more 😉 I will write a blog about this later this week 😀

Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 50kg 2×5 80kg 3x110kg 3×2 140kg
Deadlift 2×3 120kg 3×2 150kg
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×8 55kg 2×5 80kg 3×2 100kg

40 minutes workout…

Deload training 1 of 3 …… deloading with light triples ……

Deloading for coming meet started on Saturday with 5×5 100kg squats, 5×3 140kg deadlift and 5×3 100kg bench press. Today I did 5×3 with 120kg squats, 120kg deadlift and 90kg bench press.
Tomorrow I will deload with 3×2 with progressive weight compare today and the day after tomorrow I will do 2×1 with progressive weight compare today. You have read ‘progressive’:lol: 😀

Planke 5x 35 seconds
Knee raises 5×15
Goodmornings 5×8 40kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 2×5 90kg 5×3 120kg
Deadlift 5×3 120kg (Oepss I did 6 sets…. 😆 😀 )
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×8 50kg 2×5 70kg 5×3 90kg

55 minutes workout…

Deload week is started, time to charge the battery for next week meet

Yesterday I had my final rehearsal and that went very good in my opinion. My body and mind are tired due the impulses it get 🙂 Since I do CardioPowerLifting every day I have a sore body 🙂 Next week I want to challenge myself at the meet, so for that purpose I need to deloaded my training today and the coming training. Through this I decided to skip al 2-in-1, 3-in-1, 4-in-1 and mindf@#k sets. Light weights and keep up the pace. Recovery time 🙂

Planken 5x 35 seconds
Knee reases 5x 15
Goodmornings 5×8 40kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 50kg 2×5 80kg
5×5 100kg (within 4 minutes and 30 seconds)
Deadlift 5×3 140kg (in 4 minutes)
Romanian deadlift 5×8 70kg
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×5 55kg 2×5 80kg 5×3 100kg (within 3 minutes)
Fly’s 5×8 5kg
Strechting cycle

75 minutes workout

Weekly Powerlifting training and final test for the Master Nationals May 21st

Although I had a busy week for my self at work and luckly it was good to do it 🙂
Also with my work and normal I have to figure out what my basis level is. Yesterday it was great at work and I went over my limit 😉 And today I had a great lunch appointment with a friend which didn’t see for years. It was great and also this kind of meetings cost me a lot energy. With this knowlegde I adjust the training for today on 2 points.

  • training at home (instead of the Gym) so I’ve got only interaction (and music) with myself. Therefore less incentives.
  • I make less reps.

These 2 adjustments helped me keep enough energy and focus to do a nice and good final rehearsal for the Nationals Powerlifting Masters for next week.

Program today:
Goodmornings 3×8 20kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×5 70kg 5x100kg 3x130kg 2x160kg (no belt) 2×187,5kg (only belt) 1×202,5kg new PB (training sleeves + belt) 🙂
Deadlift 2×3 120kg 3x150kg 1x180kg 1×202,5kg 1×222,5kg (belt ‘loose’) 1×232,5kg new PB (tigther belt) 🙂
With deadlift I felt I put too much pressure on my head. I was more willing to pull, than I was focus on a good lift off and focus on my breathing.
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×5 60kg 5x85kg 2x105kg 1×117,5kg (wrist wraps) 1×127,5kg new PB (wrist wraps + belt)

In my opinion a very good final rehearsal. 202,5kg – 127,5kg  –  232,5kg is a (sub) total of 562,5kg at this stage…… What will I be able to lift next week Sunday? 😉
A lot of light weight trainings coming up the coming days 🙂 Recovery time……