Mental & phsycal toughest training so far….

Today my lack energy in my mind/brain and body made me f#@k up… sorry for my language. The warming-up was hard…. my heartbeat went up and much higher than it normally goes… Therefor I decided to taak a little bit more time between the squats sets. Still I stayed focused / aimed on my goals of today’s training. In all kind of situations I work with maximum goals and mimumal goals. My trust in myself was not I normally feel. Only I know I have to believe “in the force” and today was it willpower and f@#k it all 😀 Just do It ….. because there are no finish lines …… Technique was enough today to beat the weights. Most important is that despite I have to kind the pressure out of my head….. So I had two tasks …… kind the pressure out of my head and make triples with the weight I had planned….  Below the video of my final sets….. At this stage it all became new personal best with 3 reps 🙂 And yes this afternoon I will take a siesta and I’m proud that I push myself beyond my personal boundaries… Proud on my apprentice that she did the same this week….. and here coming week will be awesome 😉

Squat 3x190kg
Deadlift 3x220kg
Bench press 3x110kg Pleased that my left arm is doing better and becoming stronger….

Light training …….

Yesterday I didn’t train. I took an extra restday. My mind/body felt to tired to train properly. Instead I took a siĂŤsta in the afternoon. In the coming days (tomorrow / the day after tomorrow) I want to do a semi heavy light weight trainingsession. So  I did doubles in today’s training. Just to set myself up for this training. It also gives me the possibillity to do a very light training session tomorrow , when I don’t have the energy yet.

Squats 2×2 130kg
Deadlift 2×2 170kg
Bench press 2×2 95kg

50 minutes work-out…

Recovery training…..

Recovery training today…. Yesterday afternoon I took my rest and today I will do it also 🙂 Training went okay and tomorrow a restday.  So nothing special today.

Squat 3×3 110kg
Deadlift 3×3 140kg
Bench press 3×3 85kg

50 minutes work-out.

Mentally a tough training, so I kicked my ass….

This morning I woke up and again, like a lot of days the last year after my operation, I felt that I had a lack of (mental) energy… Every thing I do, cost my (too much) energy….. A lot of things I did in the past by myself, without thinking, cost my now energy…. I have to remember myself to do the things which I have/want to do…. A lot of things I write in my agenda…. and yes…. this cost also energy…. Therefore I leak unnecessary energy….  This is how I maintain the vicious circle …….. And I don’t like that…… So I kicked my ass on today’s  training and wanted to focus myself onto the upcoming meet…. Although I don’t know if I will compet, I know this helps me to get focus…. Ofcourse I know I will pay the price (because I will be died tired this afternoon and I thought by myself F#@K IT)

The warm-up went laborious and the squats felt the hardest of all today (check the video below) Nevertheless I didn’t squatted 3x160kg (without belt/sleeves) yet, when I started training again in November…. So game on…. After that I deadlifted and set by set it felt easier…… I was aiming for 197,5kg for reps…. After I did 3x 185kg it felt I could deadlifted even more….. Nevertheless I keep hold on my program and my philosophy “keep hold on your program and you have also the opportunity to go “lighter” NOT “heavier” 😉 Somebody told me: Practices what you Practices…huh Preach?! So I do…. and gave my apprentice an example… 😉 Bench press went also better set by set…. At this moment I got still the nerve injure in my left arm and I got less power and the reps with 107,5kg felt easy also……

Like Rob Cross said yesterday in his interview after he won the World title darts:  Give yourself the opportunity to go for it and push yourself towards your limits and beyond……..

May the Force be without 😉

2017 is coming to it’s end….

and I did my final training….. The training was mentally and psyhically very tough… Thinking over about this year…. the beginning and the ending of this turbelent year…. Uncertian what the new year will bring… The results of the neuropsychological tests  and MRI will be discussed in January and I’m hoping that answer can be given and I can settle my life with the ‘new’ Wim and generate the power what I was used to focus on the bright future…. Step by step expecting that I cann’t control everything about myself….. My brain is working by it self 😀

Training (within 1 hour)
Squat 3×3 110kg
Deadlift 3×3 140kg
Bench press 3×3 80kg


Iris Kensenhuis did here 1st suited squat and deadlift training

Iris did here 1st suited squat & deadlift training. The suit is really loose and just a good step in here equipped powerlifting carreer 🙂 She will write here own blog about here experience about this training. 🙂
I joined here with during the excersises and went up to 5x130kg squat, 5×92,5kg bench press and 5x160kg deadlift.

Yesterday the neuropsychological tests were confronted and I’m curious what the outcome will be, which will bespoke on 22th January. The results of the MRI will be discussed on 16th January. For the sleep test I have to wait for about 8 weeks 🙁

In the video below 1 attempt of Iris here suited (equipped) squat & deadlift.

Added some extra trigger to continue my trainingsessions….

Today I registered myself for the Classic Powerlifitng Nationals Master (I), FOX GYMwhich will be held on 4th of February at Fox Gym. The coming weeks I will figure out if I really will/able to participate. Most important it is for me a motivation to continue my trainingsessions.

The last days it was great in houses ‘Wamsteeker’. The sisters Kensenhuis stayed over and we had great time during the light weight trainingsessions. Good for our motivation.

Tomorrow a big day for me. The neuropsychological tests will taken place. 20th January the test results will be discussed. Hopefully next week I will get the results of the MRI, from last week Thursday.

Trainingsession today:
Squats 5×3 90kg
Deadlift 5×3 110kg
Bench press 5×3 70kg

Depending on my energy level tomorrow afternoon, after the tests, if I will train tomorrow or join Iris on Saturdaymorning and first equipped training 😀

Socks from the past ……

You never know what the future will bring….

Christmas day (2) just some light weight deadlift excersises….

Today still recovery from Sunday and doing light weight deadlift excersises. Doing light weight is feeling good. The sisters Kensenhuis did their program and it was also light for one of them 😉 😆 Also Sven den Houting came by to train and did one of his first suited squat training for his Nationals end of February. He squatted very easily 🙂

Light training session together with the sisters Kensenhuis

Although it is Christmas, it is always time to train….. ofcourse……
Like the old together with Michael Kalter and the rest of the boys. Big memories when I was not feeling that well and just came by to open the Gym…. Jos Verhagen (my trainer) told me: get your stuff and join the training. The training you skip you cann’t catch up….. And your competitors are you one step ahead. The good old days 🙂

Today light squat & bench session which I use to recover from yesterday training. Merry Christmas…. 🙂