Mentally a tough training, so I kicked my ass….

This morning I woke up and again, like a lot of days the last year after my operation, I felt that I had a lack of (mental) energy… Every thing I do, cost my (too much) energy….. A lot of things I did in the past by myself, without thinking, cost my now energy…. I have to remember myself to do the things which I have/want to do…. A lot of things I write in my agenda…. and yes…. this cost also energy…. Therefore I leak unnecessary energy….  This is how I maintain the vicious circle …….. And I don’t like that…… So I kicked my ass on today’s  training and wanted to focus myself onto the upcoming meet…. Although I don’t know if I will compet, I know this helps me to get focus…. Ofcourse I know I will pay the price (because I will be died tired this afternoon and I thought by myself F#@K IT)

The warm-up went laborious and the squats felt the hardest of all today (check the video below) Nevertheless I didn’t squatted 3x160kg (without belt/sleeves) yet, when I started training again in November…. So game on…. After that I deadlifted and set by set it felt easier…… I was aiming for 197,5kg for reps…. After I did 3x 185kg it felt I could deadlifted even more….. Nevertheless I keep hold on my program and my philosophy “keep hold on your program and you have also the opportunity to go “lighter” NOT “heavier” 😉 Somebody told me: Practices what you Practices…huh Preach?! So I do…. and gave my apprentice an example… 😉 Bench press went also better set by set…. At this moment I got still the nerve injure in my left arm and I got less power and the reps with 107,5kg felt easy also……

Like Rob Cross said yesterday in his interview after he won the World title darts:  Give yourself the opportunity to go for it and push yourself towards your limits and beyond……..

May the Force be without 😉

Back in Time :-)

In the year 1987 I won my first (junior) National Powerlifting title. Also I started my obligatory military service. And it was my final summer at RCN Zeewolde. So 1987 is a memorable year for me and now 30 years later I went back to place where I had a great time. Awesome to see (small) changes and get confronted with the memories. My friend came over and it was emotional. Both are partners have stand there for years and they have left the place. When you see recognition points, you hope time stand still. Only the o’ clock taps. There is no way back only memories…. so cherish these memories (quote Patrick) and yes I will do. Thank you! We also went ‘naar voren’ 🙂

Photos I have taken at RCN Zeewolde 2017, click here!


No training the coming time :-)

The last two weeks I didn’t posted any update. I did not train for the last 2 weeks and for the coming time I will not train at all. At this stage I take a step back from powerlifting because I believe this helps me to accept that my powerlifting career has come to an end. This is better for my brain / mind and this gives me energy to focus on other things 🙂 When I started my training, I will start up my blog again 😉

Till now. Thank you all very much for your support.

Training 14-6-2017 continue light weight training……

The last days I skipped my trainingsessions, just to give myself the space to accept the decissions I made about powerlifting and other things 😉 Although it was hard the decission(s) give me space and rest 🙂 At my powerliftingwebsite aka you can read I stopped updating the site. The last time it costed me too much energy instead it gave me energy. It wasn’t easy because it did it for 20 years. Maybe somebody will contact me and will continue updating the website. You never know 😉 Also I wrote a letter to the hosipal and this gave/gives me also some rest. Step by step I changing my strategies, considering my recovery. At this stage I like to give powerlifting workshops (about the technique – and/or mental aspects)

Last weekend Saturday I was in the opportunity to help Iris and Ilrish at their site when they pulled a big performance at the deadlift 200kg & 210kg (see previous post, under news, to watch the videos)
On Sunday I was coaching Ricky Bakker and help him to get 9 out of 9. Watch here the video of his final pull to hit the 3rd place, click here!
Also I coached Wesley Ortega and hit also 9 out of 9, with a total of 700kg and 1st place.  Watch here the video of his meet and a easy pull with 307,5kg, click here! Great feeling when you can have a small contribution so somebody can perform (better than he/she expected).

It is nice that some athletes contacted me if I can help them out to improve their technique. Harry Seriese will come over coming Friday. Also Laura Kasius and Claudia Oudijk contacted me, so they will come over to the WimWamGym in the near future 🙂

Iris and Ilrish will training more often at my homegym and this gave me energy. In small groups working on technique- and mental aspects.

Becoming strong(er) you have to train, make your sets and to make the difference your technique and mental condition adding the surplus (in my opinion).

This means for my self I continue training light weights the coming time, so I don’t have to make any decission about my personal powerlifitng future at this stage.

Today’s training:
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 5×5 100kg pause
Deadlift with 2 stops 5×3 120kg
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×8 55kg 5×5 80kg pause

Update of the recovery of my brain operation….

‘Luckly’ I recieved an email from a colleague with a link to 
When I read the information on the website, I read my ‘own’ story. I have difficulty to handle with bright (sun) light, noises, interaction (in a group) etc. At the end it causes lack of energy (feeling tired) …… Oooo that is strange….
In the articles on the website it is clearly explained that it is ‘normal’. So I have to make some changes and enable help to make progress in my recovery (new life /  me) It is hard to realize you ain’t able to do the things you did in past without any problems. At the end I know it will me grow to a better me, only it need time……. Tonight my weekly ‘normal’ powerlifting training….. Time to stay within my ‘basic level’ ……