Another “stab” is taken, no stops until turning point

Yes I did it, no stops until my turning point. Monday I started jogging and had to stop for 5 or 6 times. Today I fullfill it without a stop. On my way back I stopped (walking) 3 times. For the sneakerhead around us you know what I mean with “stab”. Also my scale is up and running now, so my starting weight is 128,4kg 😱

It all starts with a goal and then you need focus, discipline and structure to get you in the flow to anticipate.

3rd jogging cycle this week

so the first steps have been taken. Today I made only one stop towards my turning point. Hopefully the next time I can make it without a stop. Average was also higher. #thereisnofinishline 😉

This afternoon Iris will come over for a trainingsession. It will be my goal to make that session she will never forget 😉 Awesome to be part of someone’s journey 🙂

2nd step is made….

Today I made my 2nd step. Stiff legs and tight hamstring 😀
I jogged the same distance and made less walk sessions in between. Something went wrong with the Strava App, during the ‘run’ I push the finish bottom, although There Is No Finish Line ……



What can I say: puf puf puf …. First steps are taken

Today I made my first steps to improve my personal health. Just started with a small walk (jogging) And my upper legs feels sore (myalgia) already 😥 What will be bring the coming two days.

My idea is first to bring down my bodyweight (I think it is now approx. 125kg) to 110kg. This will help me to improve my personal health (read condition). When I realize this goal I hope I have the energy to add one or two other sports. Maybe I got the energy for some light weight training.

Coming Friday I will help Iris (aka Maybe / Batman) with here training towards the Western European Powerlifting Championships. In the first weekend of September Ricky and Claudia will come over to train at WimWam Gym 🙂 Looking forward to these training sessions 😀