So here it is, my throwback to competing at the European Equipped Championships Powerlifting. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Trainer and coach Wim together with assistant coach Joost de Groot picked me up. For every day I was staying there I decided to pack a bag. What’s a girl to do without all her stuff? I’m used to take half of the house with me if I leave it for a couple of days. Including my weighing scale and all the food I can carry for a whole village. Coach Wim took my scale out of the bag with the message: there is no room for it in the car.  Like really…….!!! Oh Lord…how will I survive this journey starting like this.

After a nice roadtrip from +/- 7 hours we arrived in Pilsen, Czech Republic. I met all the other lifters from the Dutch team and was ready to unpack my bags. Get settled in my hotel room and roar for the first athlete that would be on the platform on Wednesday.


Early in the morning I went to weigh myself. Good results: Still in my weight class! Coach comforted me by saying that everything would turn out right and I should JUST EAT. I managed to be less strict with cutting down on my big appetite. Cause the scale showed me that there was enough room left to eat & drink for the day.
After lunch I installed myself in the competition area. Seeing all the lifters from different countries was an epic experience. I realized that the language we all speak “together” is Powerlifting and that brought such a variety of people at the same time and place. I was nervous to see @sandrawildeman compete because I wanted her to succeed. And so she did!! She showed me what a fight looks like when things get heavy and what determination is supposed to be.

Input: set the bar high
Outcome: get the job done

Needless to say that I got more excited to have my own meet. But do I still know how to squat? Am I really prepared for this? What If I am not able to hit depth in my suit? And will I manage to get on the platform on time with the knee wraps? All these thoughts crossed my mind.

Seeing the equipped lifters shuffle their way up the ramp, trying to walk the stairs and lifters get carried on and off the platform amazed me. It looked like I need to walk a mile before I get up there. CAUSE WHO’S GOING TO CARRY ME? I went to bed on time hoping that meet day didn’t came too early.

Woke up feeling good! Eager to save up energy for the big day 2morrow. All this waiting feels like forever. Why am I feeling so restless and tired at the same time? And then it hit me…. All the impressions cost energy too and I want to hold on to it for the meet.

First and for most I decided to enjoy this day to the fullest and even indulge on some good food.
My taste buds needed some P-food: Pizza, Pasta or Potatoes. Also known as CARBS. It was a blast to do so. Coach asked me what time I needed him in the lobby on meet day. We agreed on 6.30 in the morning, before that I had a date with the scale again. I packed my bags before bedtime and made sure I took some much needed quality time with myself.

Friday: MEETday
This is the day I was waiting for. And my oh my….I’m ready! I went to date the scale and….81.92KG is what it said.

Time to EAT. After that Wim and I did the clothing check and I could get the official weigh in: BOOM 82.25KG I got to eat some more, not too much cause that would only get in the way during lifting.

All I could think of was: How do I make sure that all the pieces come together? The answer was simple: trust the force and myself.  Continue reading “HEADSTRONG”

Iris Kensenhuis European Equipped Powerlifting Championships 2018 -84kg class winner of gold on the deadlift 232,5kg

All the attempts of Iris Kensenhuis aka www.powerlifter.nl at the EPF European Equipped Powerlifting Championships 2018 -84kg class. Winner of the gold medal in deadlift. She deadlifted 232,5kg which is also a new Dutch National record. Also all attempts of the EPF livestream (are below the 1st video).

All attempts of the EPF Livestream

Sandra Wildeman at the EPF European Powerlifting Championships Equipped 2018

Here 3rd attempt 175kg was the easiest oneof Sandra Wildeman 🙂

Present at the EPF European (Equipped) Powerlifting Championships

Present at the EPF European (Equipped) Powerlifting Championships… @sandrawildeman@ankietimmers86 @strength_academy(Jordi Snijders) and @inspirised good luck with your meet 👍👌💪
Nice to give the coaches @henkkeizer and @grootjoostde
some assistance.
Very special for me to be here, because I lifted her many meets… Hopefully in the future, on a longer level. You never know. It start with a dream, then you can make it a goal and started to work for it…. Step by step…. .


> Who’s there?

It’s me?
> Who is me?
>> Well…

It has been a while since I took the time to write some of my adventures down. All because I didn’t schedule the time to keep on my writing skills.

At this moment I am 4 days out of competing at the EK Equipped Powerlifting competition in Pilzen.

It would be an understatement if I would say that I am looking forward to it. Time flies when you are having pre-fun. At the same time it seems to take forever for this day to present itself.

A lot of thoughts have crossed my mind lately; how will I preform? How will an international competition like this be? How do I make sure I don’t forget to pack all my stuff? Cause It’s a lot!!

Coach Wim is as relaxed as can be and I am all over the place. I already know that it will be a roadtrip to never forget.

The fact that I competed 3 weeks a go at Dutch Nationals was al so part of the preparation for this upcomming competition. I’m not even totally used to the fact that a competition is a preperation for another competition. So adapting to this style of training and athlete mentality is what I’m doing and learning lately.

My goals for this competition are: finding out where I stand in my equipped journey, learn from this experience, last but not least go with the flow and enjoy.

Do you remember that I had trouble getting in my new squat suit? Well I never got in it eventually. Apparently I am too sexy for my suit, cause the suit can’t handle all this meat. So I am on the look out for a new one. At least I know how it feels to be a sausage and what it really means to squeeeze yourself in to uncomfortable positions and situations. Eventually it brings clarity and a (free) pass to something new. 

If you have the time make sure to watch me compete this friday 11 May around 10 o’clock at goodlift.info. Click here for the direct linkDon’t forget to cheer while you are at it. It’s much appreciated. 😘

Untill we meet again.

Yes Wim!

So after 9 weeks of preparation on a programme Wim designed for me I stepped on the platform last Sunday to compete at Dutch Nationals 2018.
It was my third Nationals after my first in 2016 where I got the silver and my second, only a little over 4 months ago,  (december 2017) where I competed while working myself back up from an injury and raked up the silver again. All the competitors in my class who competed at  Nationals 2017 and more were competing too at Tilburg University where TSKV Spartacus hosted the event.
The task was clear. Just as the goals and the mindset that should go with it. After  all the training, whining, tears,laughs, and longing I was going to compete for one thing only: the title of Dutch national champion.

When meetday rolled around, the weather managed to play a suprise on us because never in my short career of lifting I had competed while it was this sunny, warm and humid. So it is safe to say having trained in Surinamese heat , no airco, bathing in sweat without any knurling on the bar for two winters in a row came in  really handy Sunday.

During warmups there was one moment where I kinda  almost freaked out and tried to vent to coach about it. That was a great idea… NOT  hihihi because in pure Wim fashion he immediately silenced the hell out of me making absolutely sure and clear no energy would be wasted on that today… Satan. Wim wasn’t going to let ME, MYSELF AND I,  be the person to stand in the way of my own succes and so when the meet started shortly after, the only words that came out of my mouth  everytime he said something were : Yes Wim.

Squats , bench and deadlifts all  went great.  I managed to keep my technique better and was able to correct myself where needed, wheras I had not been able to on previous occasions where things got hot and heavy (pun intended).  I stayed in my zone and in my lane – which for some reason was described as angry and extravert on the livestream commentary – but is actually more custom Zombiemode with the occasional smile,  if you don’t believe me ask Mirthe de Haan 😛.

The result of all of this was a 27 whites & 9/9 performance -> see here<- 
(SQ 170/ B E85/ DL 213 totaling 468 kg), with meet prs across the board, a chip on the national deadlift record,because that was all it needed for now 😛 and a qualifying total for European Classic Championships in Lithuania later this year.  And the cherry on top : I took home the gold in the 84+, got to stand on the #1 spot and wheeled in the title of Dutch National Champion.

After the meet Iris , Wim and I went for burgers & icecream and we got to treat coach to a double burger for his double accomplishment that day because Iris -she will blog on it –  managed to scoop up a gold medal as well!  Wim could have opted to be somewhere else that day, but he chose to be by our sides (knowing the results we got were part of his mission) and for that we are forever grateful.

And after seeing first hand all Iris has been through these past two years I could not be more proud.  I was beaming so hard when I saw her break the -84 deadlift record again, and was humbled knowing that – despite all trials and tribulations- I have one of the strongest  females -in numerous aspects that is- around as my very own sister.

This past week new plans were made and I am excited to start another cycle towards my new goals.  With the continuing magic of my physiotherapist Sjors Schipaanboord #mymedicalcenter and my go to acupuncturist Dopey Calor @i_lotus_therapy by my side ofcourse. During this cycle I will continue to focus on what I need to do to lift according to my potential and also will keep putting myself first. Even when it gets uncomfortable I’ll start where I am, use what I have and do what I can. I will also listen to coach more often and tell him his new favorite sentence every once in a while. He already told me the aim for the end of this year…..

I told him Yes Wim!



Progression, competition, mental and awareness …

Blog by: Ricky Bakker

Progression, competition, mental and awareness …

A build-up of 8 weeks, a contest preparation of 6 weeks. All carefully planned and adjusted. I think it’s all work towards 1 point. The match that is coming. But actually that is not the case at all. It is to prepare yourself for the fight during the match. Which is actually a party, in the words of the coach. Looking further, then making 1 race and progression in all areas of life. This sounds very intense, but I also use the lessons I learn in daily life. Example, planning your training to become stronger in a structured way also applies to planning your career. Or to be a better partner. Let Wim always be sharp, honest but also annoying. Exactly what I need, says Wim then :lol:.

This process to the Nationals 2018 was a fairly stable one. In this I made good steps. In terms of kilos, in terms of mindset. Very important and fine. But in this respect we have worked towards a nice NK. Mentally I always lose it from myself.

This game is also standing in the way of the mental. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. Good steps have been taken which have mainly seen my consciousness change in the past period. This has also been reflected during this competition. I do not press two lifts at benchpress. A rejected first deadlift. But still a PR on my second turn.

Now is time to start building! Refining goals and go for it!



They say time flies when you are having fun. Well I found out  time also  flies when you decide to do make choices for yourself  that differ from everything you have known untill then.

These past 8 weeks I put myself through the wringer. And even tho it is nothing new , I had a few very important things that helped keep me #insane and #inthegame.

FUN. It is really easy to loose the fun of things when you attach  competetive GOALS to certain things. So for me having fun , even tho I feel like I can not see another barbell  is key. Training at coach his house was mostly fun this cycle….. for him that was… 👺

VALIDATION. Some will agree and other will say  I am crazy  but I believe  validation is a big player when it comes  to being  competetive in anything in life and achieving results of and kind. That being said, I also believe one should only look for validation  within their  own mirror.  You validate you… AND when you do that loads of things will fall in place.

TECHNIQUE.  A things that takes practice,still ,patience and drive.  I am not a perfect lifter and to be honest I do not know anyone who is. But I have learned that besides  being strong , TECHNIQUE can make or break you. Time spend in the gym dedicated to bettering flaws kept #myheadinthegame and  have me hungry for more… because we are never done.

Well this is all folks. Nationals  is around
the corner and a new week emerges soon.  Lets get to it !



Still 13 days and 13 hours to go before I am allowed to hit the platform. Yes I sad allowed to. Because coach @wimwam1 is no joke. Within his trainer/coach philosophy I am introduced to the realisation that competing is something you need to earn.

You might be thinking what is she going to talk about this time. Well….I think it’s time to share something very personal, yeah something about my PMS. Most people know that PMS refers to a group of changes around that time of the month. Yeah that period when some females might experience mood swings, become cranky, fatigue and irritability. 

Well for me PMS stands for Personal |Managing | System | 😊. I seem to forget that I have one and using it the right way when things get hectic is still a struggle. It would make life much easier if I’d open up to doing so.

You probably have seen that @cardiopowerlifting is hitting us up with real quotes and knowledge every now and then. Those quotes can mean something to someone! Sometime real life takes over and asking help “in time” is not something that comes to (my) mind. Even if that can be the easiest and smartest thing to do. But how do you figure that out when you are used to figuring everything out by yourself? And are not used to people being there or wanting to help you? That’s still something I’m learning.

Simple example: when things get hectic @work, people want to meet up, or you have to attent family matters. How do you keep on track with your personal needs and the (urge) to do something for others?

A. Only please yourself

B. Only please others
C. Alter your schedule and try to please everybody
D. ?

I am interested in what your answer is to that situation. So please leave a comment below. It may not be all black, white or grey. Maybe there are some other flavours to choose from. In the meantime I’m still looking forward to attent the next meet. Seeing where I stand 4 months after the last Dutch Nationals will be very interesting if coach lets me do so.

*Untill we meet again*

Three weeks…..three Issues

For this blog this week I’ll keep it short a

nd crispy.
Cause nobody has the time to read a long blog.
We are three weeks out for Nationals. That’s why I take the time to pinpoint 3 issues.
Let me discuss some of the issues I come across so every now and than.

1. I am sore…and walk around like a granny most of the time. I am pretty good in hiding that. #notsomuch;
2. Powerlifting unleashed the rebel in me;
3. Sometime I’d like to stop time. To enjoy some moments for a bit longer and also to prospone some of the heaviest trainings.

I am looking forward to being on the platform again. Seeing where I stand now this time around and how the equipped lifting has effected my classic performance.

Lately I received the question if I’ll transfer to only lifting equipped. The answer to that question is no. For me it’s not one style versus the other. With the best guidance from coach Wim and his help I’ll do everything that’s within my power to combine the two. And master both of them. I have a long way ahead of me.

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. I’ll tell y’all more about that next time.
Untill we meet again.