Keep up the pace during this session CardioPowerLifting :-)

Just the same weight, reps and sets as last week only I keep up pace more πŸ™‚ Less rest is also tough. CardioPowerLifting is going well. For today’s training session I needed 80 minutes.

Planken 5x 35 seconds
Goodmornings 5Γ—8 40kg
Squats 2Γ—8 20kg 2Γ—8 60kg 2Γ—5 95kg 5Γ—3 125kg (4 minutes)
Deadlift 3 sets of 2-in-1 3x140kg directly followed by 3x120kg (4 minutes)
Sumo deadlift 3 sets 3-in-1 3x120kg directly followed by 2x125kg and 1x130kg (6 minutes)
Romanain deadlift 5Γ—8 70kg
Bench press 2Γ—8 20kg 2Γ—8 55kg 2Γ—5 80kg 5Γ—3 100kg (4 minutes)
Shoulder grip bench press 5Γ—3 85kg
Fly’s 5Γ—8 5kg
Strechting cycle

Total workout 80 minutes (all final sets recorded)

Tough CardioPowerLifting session :-)

Saturday I decided to go not ‘heavier’ this week. So I added 1 variation to my squat session today. Instead of 3-in-1 squats I did 4-in-1 squats and that was tough and gave a satisfied feeling.

1 set 4-in-1 squat means 12 reps in 1 set πŸ™‚
3x120kg 3x100kg 3×80 and 3x60kg (no hands front squats)
With little rest breaks this is tough. You feeling a nice pump in your body.Β Also by changing the weight on the bar by yourself, your breathing is going upwards and that making it harder. Additionally, it’s a separate experience that you feel comfortable in the set to recover it by lighter weight. This increases your explosiveness.

Also did 3-in-1 conventional deadlift 3x full pulls, 3x romanian and 3x lift off with 120kg for 5 sets. Followed by 5×3 sumo deadlift with 120kg.

Bench press felt good and easy πŸ™‚ 3-in-1 with 3 reps 95kg 90kg and 85kg. Finished training with 5×3 80kg shoulder grip.

Full overview of today’s program:
Planken 5x 35 seconds
Knee raises 5×15
Goodmornings 5×8 40kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 2×5 90kg
5 sets 4-in-1 set 3x120kg 3x100kg 3x80kg 3x60kg (front squat)
5 sets 3-in-1 set conventional deadlift 3×120 full, romanian and lift off
5×3 120kg sumo deadlift
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 2×5 80kg
3 sets 3-in-1 3x95kg 3x90kg 3x85kg
Shoulder grip bench press 5×3 80kg
Fly’s 5×8 5kg
Strechting cycle

Needed some more rest, so 100 minutes work.


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Watch video and read comments on here instagram. Inspirised

"It will be fun" he said. And then "no belt and no sleeves" he said. The mental mindfuck was real. β€’β€’β€’ "I will introduce u girls to how we trained back in the days, I call it cardio powerlifting", @wimwam1 said. Light weights, many reps and not too much resting. And that's what happened. Never ever have I feared the bar so much and never ever have I lifted with so much feels like I did yesterday at this point right here. After 2*8*20KG, 2*8*40 and 5*5*65KG cardiosets I had to do light weight singles, doubles and triples varying from 70KG-85KG. But exhaustion, confusion, emotion and slight fear made it feel soso heavy. But going thru all these (mostly mental) hurdles and to still stay in control of my technique and to still be able to activate will power was my lesson to be learned. At the end I just really wanted to cry and give up, but then Wim got me at "You will never be able to do these for 3. But if you do, you'll will set high standards for your opponent." Check. LEGGO. β€’β€’β€’ Thank you for a great sesh yesterday Wim. Despite the complaining I absolutely appreciated the value of it and see the love thru all the tough. Thankful to be able to get trained by one of Holland's Dutch powerlifting icons. Thank you for all pointers and the major reality check! And thanks girls for the inspiration and motivation too, you did so great πŸ‘ŠπŸ» β€’β€’β€’ #toughlove #youthinkyouknowbutyouhavenoidea #thestruggleisreal #lessonlearned #nosugarandspice #fightthemonsters #mindfuck #yougotthis #techniqueiseverything #lifthardgrowtogether #thebarismyfriend #respecttheweights #roadtoDRC #roadtomyrealPRs β€’β€’β€’ @bas_coaching @titannetherlands @ironhouseco @girlswhopowerlift @thisisfemalepowerlifting @powerliftingwomen β€’β€’β€’ πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘½πŸ‘»πŸ”«

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Proud of myself how I get it around with my new possibilities. CardioPowerLifting today found my boundaries

During my training today I look back and found out that I can be proud of myself. In a few weeks time I changed the way I normal trained and found a new way to challenge myself to improve myself. With yesterday’s training and today’s training I found my personal boundaries for this moment. Therefore I will do the same training like I did this week and last week only with lighter weight. See it as a kind of deload week πŸ˜‰

With my normal squats I squat now 2x 190kg (with sleeves) and 200kg with wraps. Deadlift (conventional) 220kg and bench press 122,5kg.
At this stage I think I can have some improvement in the coming weeks. Therefore it will be wise to make one step back, so I can make 2 or 3 steps forward πŸ™‚

Program of today:
Planken 5x 35 seconds
Knee raises 5x 15
Goodmornings 5×8 40kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 55kg 2×8 80kg
Speed squats 5×5 110kg (all sets within 5 minutes)
Mindf@#k set 1x130kg 1x140kg 1x150kg 1x160kg 1x150kg 2x140kg 3x130kg
Deadlift 3-in-in set (3 sets) 3x120kg 3x140kg 2x160kg
Romanian deadlift 5×5 100kg
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg
Speed bench 5×5 85kg (all sets within 4 minutes)
Mindf@#k set 1x95kg 1x105kg 1x110kg 1x115kg 1x110kg 2x105kg 3x95kg
Fly’s 5×8 5kg
Strechting cycle