Being too comfortable…..ADAPT!

There is no growth in being comfortable. But being comfortable is what most of us feel @ their best. The last couple of weeks I came to figure out once again that needing, wanting or waiting for external forces to kick me in the but is not going to happen. So I’m opening myself up to face different things that make me feel (very) uncomfortable.

Like not pressing that snooze button when the alarm goes off. Cycling to where I need to be.  Swimming, using the car less and walking to the grocery store. But what has this to do with powerlifting you may think? Well even changing my grip, stance in the gym and wearing other shoes. Why? Just because I can, and It will introduce me to new things to realize and experience.

Of course I will not do all things named above at once, but for sure I’ll be specific on what I will focus myself on the coming period. Letting go of the old….making room for the new. Back it up and try again.

Sometimes you have to do transitional jobs/ things to get to where you want to go. But that doesn’t mean that it has to kill your dream or the path that you are on. Act the way you want to feel and soon you feel the way you want to act is what a wise individual once told me. I am willing to experience if things really work that way – for me ­-. Rome wasn’t build in ONE day. Neither am I.

Don’t wish for less problems but wish for more skills !!

Funfact: I am Four weeks out of competing at the West European Championships and picking up Equipped lifting again.

Let’s go!

Have a nice week everybody.



It’s almost that time to rumble again. One and a half week out.  What was on my mind and schedule this week?

There are moments that my body already wants to compete feeling all fired up. Combined with moments that I am stumbling around, and feeling like a very, very, very old lady. When that happens most of the time the alarm goes off ,and I know it’s all a dream. Lucky for me it’s than time to kick off my day. Coach laughs at me when I give him my feedback of how I’m doing. And really cracks up when he sees me squat with an empty bar. I am not joining a gymnastic club anytime soon :-/

This week’s central training at the WimWam gym was the icing on the cake for me. I know what needs to be done. All the tweaking, adjusting and fine tuning we have been doing the last half year has to show for itself the 16th of June. So time for me to call it a wrap, trust the force and let go.

Some people asked me lately how I’m able to compete ‘that much’ and If I’m not ‘over doing’ it? The people who really know me al so know that I’m not the right person to ask such a question. It amazes me that we live in a world where people think it’s necessary to question someone’s actions and intention when they are doing something they love. Especially in my case the people who are donating to the gym instead of actually being an active member. Is there something in ‘over doing’ that?

The fact that I’m leaving to Calgary still seems unreal but It’s a fact for sure. I get reminded to this upcoming event by my surroundings. Mostly by asking me when I am leaving. Whishing me the best and trying to meet up. The restless part of me is already busy packing my stuff. And the layed back part of me is like….naaah keep on chilling like a villain. I know for sure that the bags are not going to pack them self and that laundry is not going to wash itself either. So this girl has some stuff to do.

If you want to see me compete at the Worlds Powerlifting Championships in Calgary make sure to tune in on time. You can watch the meet at
What competition(s) are you attending or competing in this year? Let me know in the comments below!

I wonder how my sister @ilyscious is able to get a long with me. Speaking of her…..she has not written a blog for a long time now. I’ll remind her of it when I’m done writing mine. That’s now, cause I need to hang some laundry 😊

Untill we meet again….










F U E L | ⛽⛽

Days fly by as I’m getting closer to participate at the Worlds Championships Powerlifting.  And every day and step a long the way I’m still learning, failing, building and fine tuning things.

It even got more clear to me after last weeks central training. Meeting the other members of the Dutch team, training together and the reveal of the new costum TITAN Netherlands Singlet💃🏾.  I’m very pleased being part of the team and feel honerd to wear it 😇.

This week was one were I made long hours. Off and on work. That’s good for my sleep cause during bedtime I was out of this world. I didn’t just wake up but really awakened around the same time without the alarm going off…wondering what day it was.🤓

The transition from equipped training to classic training is a fact. Already I am noticing some changes. I actually can say…I miss my suits.  Not for the fact that the suits make me lift heavier. And It’s not because I’ve forgot how to lift classic. But for the mere fact that the equipped training challenges me to get in a different zone and mindset. Now I’m invited back to digging deeper in to my self to turn on that other switch again.

After competing in Pilsen @the EK Equipped Powerlifting Championships the (local) media picked up on my achievements. Some fun stuff happened relating to that. I got recognised in the grocerie shop where I get all my food. At work when answering the phone people congratulated me. Even there I’m noticing some differences and it makes me switch between random getting the job done *classic* versus getting the job done with a twist *equipped*. It’s all appreciated and makes me place things in perspective.

People seem to understand a little bit more why I’m always carrying so much stuff around.
One of the lovely ladies of the gymstaff showed me that there are lockers you can claim forever (24/7) in another part of the gym. If I’d known that since 2015 my bagcollection would not have grown so much the last 3 years 🤣😂. It’s about time to sort out my stuff 🤦🏿‍♀️.

Yesterday’s central training showed me why I’m involved @cardiopowerlifting training. It was one for the books again. Light on paper but heavy on the ‘mind’ body and soul. On my way back home with @ilyscious I even had to stop at the gasststion to get some fuel myself 😩. When finally home and eaten dinner the lights went out 😴. I planned on watching TV but eventually the TV was watching me.

Today I have a restday and I am going to enjoy it to the fullest. Wishing you a lovely day as well.

Untill we meet again


And that is being equipped in powerlifting: not only setting goals but achieving them 😶😃

10 weeks ago I decided to give equipped lifting a try. And I discovered that the difference between a wish and and a goal is: ACTION. I did not only strived to learn how to master at least a tiny bit of this style of lifting. I worked my ass of to do so and complaint just as much 😉.

While writing this blog it’s saturday 14.00 o’clock in the afternoon and am waiting for Sunday ‘competitionday’ to peep its head around the corner. I AM SET on giving all I have got and more. It’s time to let my technique, strength and focus come together and work MAGIC.

By speaking it in to existence I know it will be all right. SO NO MORE FEAR ONLY the right mindset I AM ON FIRE. I got my coach there…my sister there and (gym) friends who care for me and want to see me shine.

COMPETITION DAY |And how did it actually go?

Everything I wished for and more. Eager to continue with equipped lifting. I will with the though love from coach @wimwam1 who got me this far.  It would not have been able to do this without his help and persistence.

THEY NEVER SAW  US COMING. During the day I dealt with some turbulation. Missed my weigh in. Bench did go as  aspected….I gave it my best shot. But was not able to show all I have got in my 2nd and 3rd attempt. But most off all I am uttermost satisfied. Squats went and felt great. I know what I have to work out. Especially my WALK OUT and wearing a tighter suit. Deadlifts need some extra love on my lock out and using the suit more. I lift classic in the suit and that works against me. But hey….that only means that I am getting stronger right 😶✅✅

Broke the DUTCH EQUIPPED Deadlift record with a pound!!! Pretty AWESOME. . .

SQUAT 185 ✅ 195 ✅ 200 ❌
Bench 80   ✅ 87.5❌  87.5❌

Deadlift 220   ✅ 230.5✅ 238   ❌


Leave a comment if you want me to write a about a particular subject relating to my equipped journey.

◇ Untill we meet again ◇

Video of all my attempts:

Totaloverview of my Powerlifting meets

Click on picture, to enlarge 🙂

My results on Nationals & International Meets

Youtube playlist Powerlifting meets, click here!

Worlds (seniors)

Year Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
2002 +125 320 200 280 800 12
2001 +125 317,5 207,5 300 825 10
1999 -125 325 205 320 850 11
1998 -125 320 207,5 302,5 830 10
1997 -125 330 207,5 300 837,5 8
1996 -125 300 195 280 775 9
1994 -110 Bombed

Worlds (Masters I)

Year Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
2016 -120 312,5 197,5 272,5 782,5 5
2015 -120 317,5 185 270 772,5 5
2014 -120 290 202,5 252,5 745 8
2013 +120 332,5 207,5 260 800 6
2012 +120 330 155 270 755 4
2011 +120 320 220 NRMI 287,5 827,5 3
2010 +125 342,5 210 285 837,5 5
2009 +125 322,5 195 275 792,5 3

Worlds (juniors)

Year Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
1990 -110 262,5 140 255 657,5 5

European (seniors)

Year Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
2006 +125 312,5 207,5 282,5 802,5 6
2000 -125 340 215 312,5 867,5 4
1999 -125 342,5 200 300 842,5 9
1998 +125 320 200 300 820 6
1997 -125 310 197,5 285 792,5 6
1995 -110 280 175 280 735 11
1994 -110 295 165 300 760 9

European (Masters I)

Year Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
2016 -120 315 192,5 270 777,5 3
2015 -120 300 172,5 262,5 735 7
2014 -120 297,5 207,5 250 755 7
2013 +120 330 210 270 810 4
2012 +120 340 NRMI 217,5 277,5 835 NRMI 3
2011 +120 335 NRMI 217,5 277,5 830 NRMI 3
2010 +125 315 190 282,5 787,5 2
2009 +125 315 190 270 775 2

European (juniors)

Year Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
1992 -100 280 NRJ 110 280 670 11
1991 -110 265 152,5 260 677,5 5
1990 -110 262,5 140 255 657,5 5

Union Cup/Western European

Year Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
2006 +125 280 197,5 272,5 750 2
2001 -125 290 170 270 730 5

Nationals (seniors)

Year Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
2016 -120 180 267,5
2015 -120 305 195 277.5 777,5 3
2014 -120 25 185 220 430 5
2013 +120 190
2012 +120 315 205
2011 +120 300 212,5 265 777,5 2
2010 +125 325 202,5 282,5 810 1
2009 +125 312,5 185 272,5 770 1
2008 +125 295 180 265 740 1
2007 +125 282,5 180 260 722,5 2
2006 +125 280 212,5 277,5 770 1
2005 +125 305 190 280 775 1
2004 -125 270 170 265 705 3
2003 +125 280 170 260 710
2002 +125 330 205 300 835 1
2001 +125 305 185 270 760 1
2000 -125 330 205 300 835 2
1999 -125 325 60 300 685 4
1998 -125 332,5 150 280 762,5 2
1997 -125 330 210 300 840 1
1996 -125 307,5 190 290 787,5 1
1995 -125 300 177,5 295 772,5 3
1994 -110 300 170 300 770 3
1993 -110 265 145 290 700 5
1992 -100 270 NRJ 152,5 285 707,5 7

Nationals Classic Powerlifting

Year Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
2015 -120 222,5 130 240 592,5 5
2014 -120 225 142,5 255 622,5 4
2013 -120 220 137,5 242,5 600 5
2012 +120 250 130 257,5 637,5 3

Nationals (Masters I)

Year Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
2016 -120 305 190 255 750 1
2015 -120 305 160 255 710 1
2014 -120 260 192,5 250 702,5 2
2013 +120 327,5 207,5 265 800 1
2012 +120 320 215 265 800 1
2011 +120
2010 +125 100 285
2009 +125 320 180 265 765 2

Nationals Classic (Masters I)

Year Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
2017 120 212,5 127,5 242,5 582,5 3rd

Nationals (juniors)

Year Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
1991 -110 260 147,5 255 662,5 2
1990 -100 230 130 250 610 1
1988 -90 215 125 235 575 2
1987 -90 195 110 210 515 1

Open (Mid/North) Dutch Championships

Year Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
2008 +125 300 190 265 755 2
2005 +125 285 185 270 740 1
2002 +125 315 197,5 290 802,5 1
2001 +125 310 185 295 790 1
2000 +125 320 205 300 825 2
1999 -125 345 210 310 865 1
1998 +125 335 70 290 695 1
1997 -125 Bombed
1996 -125 322,5 200 290 812,5 1
1995 -125 260 155 260 675 1
1994 -110 300 180 297,5 777,5 1
1993 -110 275 160 290 725 2
1992 -100 270 145 280 695 2
1991 -100 240 140 235 625 2
1989 -100 220 130 235 585 8
1988 -90 205 127,5 240 572,5 7

In the December 1992 I broke three junior records.

Year Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Place
1992 -100 285 NRJ 150 300 NRJ 735 1

First junior in Holland, with a bodyweight below 100 kilos, who lifted national junior record of 300kg deadlift.

Classic Powerlifting Nationals Master I 2018…… started at the Powerlifting Nationals (juniors) in 1987

Where will I start 🙂 Looking back this year gives me a lot of uncertain feelings and thoughts. And at the end the trigeminal neuralgia is gone for a year….. Believe me that is really awesome.

Nevertheless I have to cope that my live has changed after the brain operation. Step by step it’s becoming easier if I hold the boundaries I’ve got now….. Before my illness I didn’t have any boundaries in work, training etc. 🙂 Now I take my rest during the day and plan my work (even better) I feel I got more grip on it (again). Trainingsessions during the week are maximum 1 hour and in the weekend I train only once. That session does not take longer than 1,5 hour. So I’ve created a new way of training (light weight sessions 🙂 ). Besides that I found a new way of breathing (to keep the pressure out of my head) feels great. Like a little kid 🙂 Although I don’t lift the weights I did in the past. I’m able to lift on the platform again. And that gives me a lot of joy and a goal to train.

In 1987 I lifted my 1st Powerlifting Nationals (juniors at the age of 18 🙂 ) Since then I lifted at least 1 national competition per year 🙂  So 31 years in a row and still feeling like a junior.

Today Iris was my coach and Ilrish was here back support. Please read the blog of Iris and watch here video. She had a great equipped session yesterday. click here!  Thank you both for your support. You did a great job.

Squats: I opened with 195kg (no sleeves), 2nd squat 207,5kg and 3rd 212,5kg
Bench press: Started with 120kg (no belt), 2nd 125kg and 3rd 127,5kg





Deadlift: 1st attempt 220kg (no belt), 2nd 235kg and 3rd 242,5kg
Total of 582,5kg and that is good for the moment. Unfortunately the next meet which I can compete will be in September……. or I have to lift a the Equipped Powerlifting Nationals at the end of this moment…… Will that be wise at this moment? No……. At the Equipped Powerlifting Nationals I got another thing to do 😉

Video of today’s Nationals. Recorded by Ilrish Kensenhuis. Thank you 🙂

Results Powerlifting Nationals Masters 2017

What can I say. It was very awesome to lift today even though the weights are low, it felt awesome. 5 months ago it was over and now I’m standing on the platform again 😀 Since May 1987 I’m lifting Powerlifting Nationals juniors, open and masters 🙂
The last few days I did too much and my mind (brain) wasn’t fully charged today. So for a next meet I have to do what I ‘normally’ ‘did’ do for a meet…………. NOTHING………. 🙂 😀 😆

Video at the end of the blog 😉

2×8 20kg 5x70kg 5x100kg 3x130kg 2x160kg 1×180kg (belt)
Opener: 195kg (sleeves + belt)
2nd attempt: 210kg (wraps + belt) due lack of fully energy I skipped an attempt with tighter sleeves and did it straight away with knee wraps 🙂
3rd attempt: 220kg (wraps + belt)
Bench press:
2×8 20kg 8x50kg 5x70kg 2×3 90kg 1×110
Opener: 120kg
2nd attempt: 127,5kg not totally focused and I pushed too much and therefor I skipped my 3rd attempt.
3x90kg 3x120kg 3x150kg 1x180kg 1x200kg
Opener: 220kg
2nd attempt: 230kg
3rd attempt: failed 240kg I didn’t start correct and made thereby an mistake with my breathing. So I let it go.

Great support from Henk and Gerrit and very nice responses from the attendees 🙂

My 30th year Anniversary competiting on Dutch Nationals Powerlifting coming up….

This week I mentioned that the upcoming Dutch Powerlifting Nationals for Masters are a memorable meet for me personally. 5 monhts ago  I woke up after my operation. The surgeon came to my bed and asked if the pain was gone? I said: Yes. The surgeon: so the operation is successful and due complication you have to stop with your sport………
You can image that was a big punch in my face…….. The weeks after the operation were tough due I have to deal with that message. Ofcourse you can accept and give it up. Only the voice in my head was searching for alternatives. So few days before the control appointment in March I started to train with very light weight. During the control appointment the problems which occur during the operation became much more clear. I understand how it come that the surgeon advice me to stop my sport. Because too much pressure in my head can generate too much pressure on my bloodvains and this can cost again the pain I had. The conversation at the control appointment was confronting and the surgeon told me: When you can control the pressure and manage it to your core (belly/stomach) you can train. Wow that was a very nice gift 😀

After that I started step by step with my training and the first steps with CardioPowerLifting 😆 I was (am) very happy that I was able to train, although it is only with light weights. During the weeks I felt that although I was training with light weight, my maximum strenght was gaining 🙂 And 3 weeks ago I was for myself at a level that it is ok for me to compete on a platform. And this is awesome for me. A lot of things can change in 5 months and most of all: keep your eyes for on the things you want and search for alternative ways.

This week I also figure out that 30th years ago I competed on my first Dutch Powerlifting Nationals (years) and lifted each year at least in National Powerlifting Championship 🙂 So you can image that this makes the upcoming Nationals memorable to me.

In 1983 I did my first gymcompetition bench press in March 1985 I did my first full Powerlifting meet.

On my May 30th 1987 (1 month after I became 18) I competed in the -90kg class at the junior Nationals. It was my debuted on the Nationals. It was new for me and I was very enthusiastic for the meet. I trained very very hard for the meet. So hard that I was a little bit over my peak moment and I had to adjust my goals (in kilograms) I missed my opener in squat 190kg.
Although I squatted over the 200kg in the gym. 2 attempt was in and for my 3rd attempt only 5kg was added. That was also a good attempt.
Bench press went not that great. I pressed only my opener of 110kg and failed 2 times on 115kg.

Deadlift went great. We (the coach) decided to adjustment my opener with a lighter weight, because I was able to win the Nationals 😀 That was a great learning point, because on championships it is not about the kilograms you lift, it is about the ranking you get.
My opener was 180kg, followed by 195kg and my 3rd attempt was 210kg.


My goal in the nearby future is now to compete at the Worlds Masters. The Europeans are to earlier, otherwise I will be to eager to gain the weights in the coming weeks. After the Nationals Sunday, my first priority is  to control my bodyweight and go back to the -120kg class. Than I have plenty of time to train and hopefully can wear loose suits / shirt to support my lifts.

But first things first. Sunday the Nationals Powerlifting Masters 😀